Monday, May 25, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation 2009

The other day I saw a sweet little class at a school in their cap and gowns lining up for pictures. It made me so sad that, since the boys are home schooled, they might miss out fun events. So, I decided we would have a graduation. Reece graduated from Kindergarten and Bubba graduated from
K-4. I asked some moms of the boys' homeschooled buddies if they would like to come. We had 8 graduates! They went up one at a time while the moms spoke about all they had learned during the year. Then they got to recite scripture or sing a song or talk about whatever they loved during the school year. It was so beautiful to watch the children soak in every word of affirmation from their mommas.
What a blessing home school has been to me. I know it is not for everyone. I am so glad it is for me.
I usually get us in over our heads when I ask Tim if we can have a 'little' party. By the time we had parents, lots of siblings, & some of our extended family packed into our back yard, it was a full crowd. I can't believe the kids performed without being too nervous. It was SO cute. I have such a hard time taking pictures while I am hosting. I am kicking myself for not getting more pictures of the moms with their kids!! It was so crazy. I am just glad I got the ones I did.
Tim cooked burgers and hot dogs afterwards. What a fun, fun day.
I am so proud of my two little turkeys.
Bubba said the Armor of God verses...
(Eph 6)

And then sang a song. (I could just eat him up!! sniff, sniff)

Reece said Col 3:1-17. He is my little smarty.
An absolutely delightful student.

These two belong to my friend, April.

He got stage fright. It was so cute. That is exactly how I feel in front of a crowd.
She said almost an entire Psalm and they (she) sang a song! Adorable, April. You are doing an amazing job. Don't you dare stop... ever.

Another precious little one!! He is Reece's buddy from basketball. He also quoted scripture and sang a song... WITH NO MUSIC!!
His mom has 7 children and he is the youngest. Janell is a super-human. I am just glad God lets me be friends with her. She could home school in her sleep.

This little cutie is one of Reece's best friends from Church. His saintly mother teaches a class full of wild boys every Wednesday night that has been a HUGE blessing for me. He recited scripture and his mom said the most beautiful things about him and to him.

The audience.

I think she looks more like an angel than a graduate. I mean, seriously, could all these kids get any cuter???

Sisters reciting Scripture in the sweetest, softest voices.
(I am all about arranged marriages.)

Class of 2009!

Some of the next generation's prayer warriors...
listening as Tim prayed for them.

Tim wanted to crawl in a hole when I had "God is good all the Time" blasting from our outdoor speakers and the kids in a huge line with harmonicas and recorders marching around our yard while the golfers were trying to putt.

The kids like it!
Maybe the golfers liked it too.

"But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To him be glory both now and forever! Amen."

2 Peter 3:18


Carrie said...

That is the cutest, sweetest class I've ever seen! What a great idea you had! I'll bet the other moms were so grateful! Cute, cute pics! Pray that you are feeling good! Enjoy your week and summer break!

Mama Fish said...

Oh I just love seeing these little ones I know... and Joy and Linda too! lol! What a sweet celebration you had!

AG said...

Amazed, Humbled, Filled... yes from the great food (especially Tim's Secret BBQ Sauce.), and from the joy Jesus brings when we lift Him up.
My highlight was when each Mom... Teacher shared with each child the ways they had grown. It was like watching reality church as our kids were being built up in the Lord. I'm not trying to score points here; I simply say that it's obvious that God is pouring Himself into our children through You awesome Moms, and I'm sure the Men would Amen that we're honored to call you our wives. (Okay, maybe a bit over-the-top there at the end, but it's late...)
Thanks Tim & Steph for hosting this great graduation and for loving my family!
Your friendship is a blessing.

Angela said...


Erin Southwell said...

That is so fantastic, Steph!! I love all of your homeschool posts and ideas. I am praying to be able to homeschool one day myself. The images of the children praying with such fervor is burned into my mind's eye today. Glad you had so much fun and such a special celebration!!

~Ang said...

Oh girl that is TOOOO CUTE!!! LOVE that you did that!!!
Love ya girl!

Lynné said...

I absolutely love Addie and Aaron! If you think about it the next time you see them - have April tell you the "Miss Lemonade" story!

Julie said...

That is so precious - what a great idea! You do so many things to ensure your boys know they are special and what a way to end your first year homeschooling! Awesome!!!