Monday, September 6, 2010

Gospel Drama


Keri said...

Amazing. Thank you for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

so bummed that my laptop can't play the video! not very computer savvy, but going to try it from a computer at work and hope it has the flash plug in that's required.

have been wondering how you are and how the big weekend went (...and yes, unabashedly pining for recent photos of your full, lovely life and family).

am soon to be attending seven intensive training sessions to be a counselor at a crisis pregnancy center - daunted but thrilled at the prospect of helping someone in such a situation -

continued thanks for the blessing you've been to me, for all you've shared and inspired.

~ b in va

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful!


Anonymous said...

As I watched the drama again I recognized how much it meant to me that you kept looking at your wedding ring. It reminds me of how important it is for us to be reminded of the gospel DAILY. He loves us, and He is coming back to get us. He has already proposed. And He keeps His promises. This was so powerful. Cant wait to do it again :)