Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blessed Hope


Julie said...

So, so precious. Happy 1st birthday, sweet Hope! What a celebration!!!

HIS Child said...

Be still my Heart! Child you feel this mama's with so much joy as you model your fancy wares!!!

Steph thanks for sharing this blessed event!
Tell Chase hello.

Oh and if it's not to much trouble will you send me a photo of the birthday girl.

Love and hugs sent to you,

Unknown said...

Happy Happy 1st Birthday Hope! Beautiful pics of the Birthday girl! :)
It's amazing how fast the first year flew by.

jmason said...

Happy 1st Birthday Hope! I love her little cute!!

Liel said...

You are soo blessed to have such a lovely sweet little girl!! I love her!!
Goodness, I wish you lived closer so I could see mor of her!!

Tara said...

Darling pictures of Hope! I'm remembering back when you first blogged the news of baby #4...God's blessed you so!

Love the outfits & the fun headbands. :) Aren't girls fun to dress?!