Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I used to think Spring or Fall were my favorite months. Now, I have to say it is 
We are having so much fun. Days are full with camps, swimming, and all-star baseball. I needed a break from homeschool and the weight of it so we are taking a few weeks off but then we will get back to it so we can take time off when the baby comes.
My tummy is getting big
I have definitely "popped". I ate so much when we went to Disney (because I was starving from walking all day while pregnant). I am also in the part of pregnancy where everything tastes like the best food I have ever tasted. My senses are on over-drive.
I joke that my greatest craving in this pregnancy has been "Tim"! I want to be near him all the time. Maybe it is because he is so cute. Or maybe it is because I am hormonally crazy.  Maybe it is because I know how hard the newborn stage is for me and how much I miss him during those first sleepless months of survival.
He is turning 40 this month (I still feel like I should be 22).  We are going on a romantic getaway. I am counting down the seconds.
He was born at Father's Day. 
That makes TOTAL sense to me because he was born to be a father. He is the best dad. He pours his life into the children... getting up with them every morning to have "Man time" or "Proverbs time" as they call it. (that is IF he can break free from my death grip and get out of bed to go wake them up). I love nights and mornings when it is so quiet in our house. He has more self-discipline than me (and he is addicted to coffee) so he gets up. I lay in bed thinking of how I should get up and go excercise before the kids wake up but 99% of the time, it doesn't happen. I used to work out every morning. I can't seem to get going these days. Oh, well.
I just stay in bed these days as long as possible praying and reading my Bible and savoring it to the very last minute.
I love each stage the children are in.
I love watching the older ones play baseball and seeing the strengths that God has placed inside them manifest. That has got to be one of my favorite parts of parenting... watching God at work in my children and His plans for them unfold. 
Tim and I are realizing the power of prayer as we lecture and discipline a child for a bad attitude that just won't seem to go away...
 compared to watching what happens when we commit to praying for God to work in their hearts.
One of the most interesting teachings we have heard on parenting included this about the stages of parenting...

Ages 1-3 
Give me your attention 
(Discipline, teach them to mind 
and listen)

Ages 3-12 
Give me your mind
( teach them TRUTH)

Ages 12-18 
Give me your hand
(Discipleship, let them do life 
with you)

Tim and I quote that a lot. I can already see my oldest child headed toward stage 3. My heart can feel him maturing. He is going to need us in a new way soon... and then his brothers will. And, the scariest stage to me will be taking my daughter's hand during those years. I am thankful God gives each one of us the exact amount of grace or I would panic thinking of parenting 6 children. 

"But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it."
Eph 4:7

Praising God that each of us have been given EXACTLY THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF GRACE.

No matter the trial, the ministry, the temptations, the calling on our lives... 
God's grace is THERE waiting. 
The PERFECT amount. 
We can never run out.
There is always enough.

What encouragement this is to me... especially in motherhood.
The bad part about not having family near us is that it is lonely. The good part is that it makes us utterly and completely dependent on Jesus to help us know how to raise children.
We don't know what we are doing. We want to do this right yet not in our own strength.
If we do it in our own strength, we will fail as parents. But, if we do this through God's power and our surrender, I can't wait to see what God can do through the lives of 6 children. 
How I pray they love and serve Jesus. How I pray God calls them by name to walk closely with Him. The Word and the Spirit being their source of LIFE. I can't give them my love for Jesus but I can show them what it looks like. 
I am studying to teach on 1 Thess chapter 1 this week and it has taught me so much about being a "model" and true discipleship.  True discipleship is sacrificial. True discipleship is genuine... letting people in to the parts of our lives where it is uncomfortable. True discipleship takes TIME and GOD'S WORD. But it produces much fruit for the Kingdom.
Tim is constantly saying to people (who gasp when they find out #6 is on the way)
"what better do I have to do than to be a father?".

We know God has called us to raise up these precious children to know Him.

"But did He not make them one, Having a remnant of the Spirit? 
And why one? 
He seeks godly offspring."
Mal 2:15

We know we have NO IDEA how to do that unless He tells us.
But we KNOW that He is faithful.
Without faith it is impossible to please God,right?  Well, our life demands a lot of faith.
Faith that God can help us raise 6 children.
Sweet baby who lives in my tummy still doesn't have a name. I have one I love but Hope is the only who loves it too. Tim has one he loves. So, we are at a stand still.
I am over half way. Will be 6 months soon.  I love feeling him move.
I am going to try to deliver without an epidural.  UGhhhhhh. 
My back really bothers me and I think it is from too many needles in it with 4 epidurals, 1 spinal tap, and a patch procedure to fix the hole from the spinal tap.
I think I am more afraid of another needle in my spine than natural delivery.
Although, natural delivery is like getting hit by a train. 

I am trying to eat healthy but make bad decisions when I am
Fruit and veggies just don't sound so good when I am starving.
Well, I miss blogging but I had a few minutes to upload a bunch of pictures.
I hope are encouraged in the Lord.


Anonymous said...

loved scrolling through the pics! beautiful! - and right on target on this parenting stuff! GOD IS THE STRENGTH and he gets all the praise.


Anonymous said...

Loved all these photos! Everytime I read your blog I want to share it with friends and co-workers telling them about this beautiful family and their love for Christ! Keep going girl - you and Tim are doing a wonderful job at being children of God and raising your kids to be children of God!