Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Fam

Recent pictures of our sleepy family...
I cannot believe I have 3 children, much less 3 boys!
The most gorgeous father.
My mom has been such a help. Thank you so much, mom!
She left today. I am scared.

These two adore their new brother. It is like he has always belonged here.


Anonymous said...

yeah! He is so cute! I was hoping for more pictures. If you get a chance please call me - I don't dare call and wake you or the baby up. Cherie

Anonymous said...

Steph! Your newest addition is SO SO SO CUTE!!!
PTL! Kristen

Anonymous said...

Lake is so beautiful! I am so excited for him and the wonderful, Godly family that he is going to be raised in! Congratulations Tim and Steph! I hope that I get to see you soon!


Rich said...

Holy cow... the pic with lake in the crib and it's focused on the bird? Brilliant. Love it. You should blow that picture to 20x30 and put in on the wall. :)
You have such a cool family!

Lisa Stidham said...

What a beautiful baby! And...a gorgeous picture of Lorene. She looks more like a mom than a grandmother! I know you enjoyed having her visit. She's the best.