Monday, March 19, 2007

Rich Smith, a monkey and a shark

A lot of you may have seen these pictures that our friend Richard Smith took while he and his wife were babysitting our kids. I just had to post them on my blog because they are so wonderful. He has just started his own photography business.

Isn't this a gorgeous shot?

This is Richard holding Lake. You can tell they are both nervous :)!
Rich got a shot of Bubba sleeping in his race car bed.


Life is getting easier around here as we are getting more sleep and have had lots of family in town to help. I still don't sleep a lot because of adrenaline and just wanting to stare at my new baby. He has a dimple like Reece but looks identical to Evan's baby pictures. There is no doubt that he is one of us. He did not get switched in the nursery.

Here are the boys after a bath. Bubba is in the monkey towel and Reece is in the shark.

The only shark I have ever seen with a dimple.

I adore Lake. He is a delight.

All 3 of them are.

Thanks for visiting our blog!!!!!


heather said...

Yay! Steph, how sweet of you to brag on Rich like that! I agree, his shots of your little men are incredible!

Lake is so precious, and that shot of Rich and Lake is PRICELESS! Oh man, he needs a little practice, eh??? :)

Rich said...

Lake's poor ear! I had NO idea that I was holding his ear like that! He must have been in pain! Unbelievable. I apologize for abusing your newborn! Sheesh. I still have no idea how to hold babies. And Lake knew it also. He definitely was nervous about his safety. I was telling Heather that I find it hilarious that I feel completely comfortable taking pics of infants but am completely nervous holding one.