Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Art of Mushing

The definition of "mushing" is to travel, especially over snow with a dog sled; to drive a dogsled; or a journey, especially by dogsled.
Tim is famous in the neighborhood for his amazing abilities to mush up hills, maintain his composure while the dogs are screaming, and to not fall down while going downhill at high speeds.
This is Tim after finishing a mush.
How to Mush
1. Load dogs
(with snacks)

2. Begin journey

3. Look hot

4. Set comfortable pace


Rich said...

Crud. I can follow all your instructions until I get to "look hot" then my wife will have to take over from there. :)

And Tim does look hot running. You can let him know and quote me on that one. heheh

lisa said...

heeee,heeeeee ...... this is funny