Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Time

We had more cousins come to visit. This time it was my sister and her 4 children. Taylor (10), Hannah (8), Allie (5) and Jack (3). It was so hot that we got the waterslide out. When the sun went behind the mountain, everybody froze.
Bubba had tons of fun as you can see in this first picture. My sister, Stacie, and Lake.
Jack and Bubba getting sprayed by Taylor.

Reece thinks everybody is nuts because it is so cold.
He climbed back down and hung out with his mommy.
Bubba wasn't afraid of the cold.

Straight inside to the warm tub.

1 comment:

lisa stidham said...

I'm so confused. Is Reece Bubba?
Beautiful pix. My favorite is the faces along the edge of the tub. Is that TAYLOR in the 7th picture? He looks like a teenager...when did that happen?
Lake is precious. I'd love to hold him and squeeze him and kiss his toes.