Monday, April 9, 2007

He is not here, He is risen just like He said! Matthew 28

I am so thankful for the resurrection of Jesus to set us free from sin! What a great thing to celebrate- eternal life because of Christ!!
We took our first road trip with 3 kids and spent time with my family. This blog is an invitation to my mom's house to experience a holiday.... The fire was burning in the fireplace the whole time. It was 20 degrees outside-on Easter!
Here we all are..
I have had a request for more pictures of Lake...
He is one month old now!

There is no place on earth with better food than at my mom's for a holiday.

Papaw... the godliest man you will ever meet. I LOVE HIM!
3 Easter turkeys. Reece, Bubba and Jack. Adoration...

My poor mom- it is kind of like slave labor the way she serves all of us.
My very healthy and fit grandmother, Betty Jo. She looks great!
Don and 2 of his followers.
Lake doesn't know what it is like to not be held and snuggled.
Mom looks so pretty... You would guess she is 20 years younger than she is.

Another shoe incident with Evan... remember the boot pictures from a previous blog??

Resurrection Rolls...
We had fun making resurrection rolls with some of the kids.
You get crescent rolls, marshmellows, cinnamon sugar and butter.
Take the marshmellow, dip it in butter and then cover it in sugar. Place it in a crescent roll and fold it up.
The idea is that the marshmellow represents Jesus. The cinnamon represents the spices they put on him and the butter- the oil. The crescent is the tomb. Bake it and when it is done, the kids open it up to find nothing inside... just like Christ and the tomb.

Bubba is mad because he just wants to eat the marshmellows...

Tim helping them make their projects...

We have to act fast because attention spans are disappearing faster than the marshmellows.

A pre-baked tomb.

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