Thursday, April 19, 2007

Swim Season

We just booked a vacation at the best beach ever!
So... we are trying to teach the boys to swim. We got them some Thomas goggles and as you can tell, they like them. They swim like rocks but they really like their new goggles.
Enjoy the sunshine!


Diana Simpson Photography said...

love those goggles! have fun tomorrow at thomas the train! dd

Anonymous said...

Too precious! Have a blast at the beach!

Andrew's mom said...


My name is Amber Charapata- I live in Cummings Cove also (Obar Dr.). Maggie McCallie and I were together today, and she told me about your beautiful family and your blog. Hope you don't mind me checking it out. You take wonderful pictures- what kind of camera do you use?? We also have a family blog feel free to check it out!!