Monday, June 4, 2007

My Pea in A Pod

My poor kids will get so sick of me taking their pictures!
Here are some shots of Lake.
He is so stinkin' cute- I just have to take pictures of him.

I have had this Pea Pod outfit since I was pregnant just waiting for his cheeks to get big enough to fill in the top pod. My photographer friend Diana brought her kids over to play on the waterslide today and I grabbed his outfit for a couple of quick pictures. These are with my camera. I am sure she got some much better ones. He fell asleep while he was in there!

Tim and I had taken these a few days before.


Julie and Luke said...

I want to eat that little pea pod! HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is so precious! One day you can use those pics for blackmail!

Rich said...

He is so cute! Don't you love little babies that you can dress them any way you want and they're too little to do anything about it? If we want to dress like this as adults, we have to be advertising a country cookin' restaurant while standing next to the road with a sign!