Thursday, July 12, 2007

BMFF (Best Mommy Friends Forever)

Deena, Diana and 7 (3 years old and under) out of 9 of our kids all hung out this afternoon. These girls are such a blessing to me. We just talk about being mommies, and wives and about totally dumb stuff for hours. It is so much fun. Diana tries to help me be a better photographer but I am pretty sure she will give up soon after seeing my eyes go into a blank stare as she was telling me about shutter speeds and apertures. She is such a talented photographer! I did get a couple of really cute shots of the babies. I think every good shot I get is luck.
Here is little Mallory adoring her momma. Deena and I waste more time on the phone than any two people on the planet. What would we do without each other's meaningless-just-checking-in phone call every day??
Me pinching Lake's cheeks. Gratifying for me...
Not so much for him.

Is he not adorable?? Diana prayed for a red head and God gave her one. His name is Satchel. He is her 4th. She really is the Proverbs 31 woman. She can joyfully juggle more than anyone I know. Satchel is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he will pay the price for his cuteness
by getting millions of pictures taken of him the rest of his life.

Lake. My little doll.

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Diana Simpson Photography said...

those picturs rock! you are getting it!!! love diana