Friday, July 13, 2007

So many pregnant friends...

I have SO many pregnant friends right now. I will work on getting pictures of all of them. Here are 4 that I snagged pictures of...
Great friend, amazing wife to Richard and incredible blogstress.
Having a girl in November. Cool picture of her in the ocean.Jennie.
Triathalon/ Aerobics momma, out-of-control in love with husband and daughter, Carlisle. Crazy Nesting. Having a girl, Evelyn, in September. I met her and her twin sister when we worked together at Disney World's Blizzard Beach in college. We freakishly all look alike.


(Jennie's twin)

Loves her husband Luke, and loves God. Will be an awesome mommy.

Baby due in December. I think it is a boy. She doesn't know yet.

I cannot wait for her to have her baby!
She has waited and waited and trusted God. Now God is just blessing her brains out.


This is my best friend, Chanda, from middle school/ high school. She is beautiful and pregnant with number 3. It is a girl!!! I am so happy for you, Chanda. God answered our prayers!

You are a knock-out pregnant girl! Hope to see you soon to rub that belly!! Watch out my other pregnant friends. I will be after you for a picture!!!

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