Friday, July 6, 2007

Come on Over!

I wanted to invite all my bloggers over for a visit to my house. I am home now. My mom has been here this week and we had lots of fun rearranging furniture and "bargain" (Tim will appreciate that word) hunting. I felt better this week so I was going 100 miles an hour decorating anything in my way. This illness is crazy. One second I can't move off the couch because of joint pain and muscle pain and then, by the grace of God, it lets up and life is somewhat normal until it gets bad again. We are still just doing blood work and waiting on test results before we know what is going to happen next with me.

This is the room where I am right now and where I waste lots of time on the computer. This is also where Tim and I sit when we wake up and drink coffee and read our Bibles. Ok, check out those cute pillows...
and the one in the middle of my bench...
Guess where I got them?

Big Lots!

They have Pier One stuff 70% off.

Lake made the move downstairs beside the other two boys. He has been living in the guest room upstairs. We decided to move Reece and Bubba into the same room. They needed it and I wanted Lake closer. The polka dots will probably stay on the wall upstairs so if you come visit, you will sleep in a room with polka dots on the wall. I don't feel like painting over them.

Here is his new room...

Tim can do anything. He painted the stripes and he painted this dresser for me.

The rug is the kind your feet sink into. I love it. The chair is where I rock my little buddy and where he spits up on me. This room is absolutely impractical because of the colors and fabric but I wanted to make it pretty. I was tired of trucks and trains. Nobody is allowed to touch anything in here unless you are a newborn or a female.

HEE! HEE! These make me smile every time I am in there.

I will post some more pictures of the boys' room but Bubba is sleeping in there now so I can't take pictures. I am sure most people could care less about the inside of my house but I can't think of anything else to post these days.


Brian, Jennie and Carlisle said...

Scrumptious, delicious, wonderful, I feel like I just got the tour. I love you from your head to your feet and your guts inbetween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loved seeing your house. How about some more? Just shoot the whole house. If I did that I would have to photo shop the clutter out of the pictures. LOL!