Monday, July 2, 2007


Here are a few things I am learning because of this illness...
1. This life seems fragile but God's plan for you is not.
2. Trials really are a blessing because you have a greater opportunity to draw close to God. Don't wish this precious time away with the Lord. Savor every second of His closeness and experience His goodness through suffering. I believe trials can be one of the greatest gifts God can give us.
3. "You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry. Don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way."
4. Christian friends are a treasure beyond worth.
5. Your plans are not God's plans. His are better. No matter how it seems, all things WILL work together for the good if you love God.
6. Children are a reward and bring so much joy. Mine have carried me through this storm.
7. It doesn't matter how old I am, I will always need my mama.
8. Praising God for everything that comes your way is powerful but tough to do.
9. Everything always gets better when my husband walks into the room. His strength, trust and optimism have been amazing.
10. Prayer is powerful. It is weakness leaning on omnipotence. We can go straight to the throne room to speak with a compassionate God who loves us with an unfailing love. Wow!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...


It's obvious that you are passionate about your Savior. Keep haning on to Him, He is doing a mighty work in you. I love your #10 and may ask to quote you at some point if that's alright?

Praying that you have strength to do the things that need to be done today!

In Christ,
(I'm a friend of Angela at Refresh My Soul) :)

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is beautiful! God will use this for good. That is a promise (Romans 8:28). Love you sister and praying for you!


Hey Steph! Are you still in town? We should get together if you are. Let me know.

Joanna said...


I love your blog...I feel like I see you regularly now. Your children are beautiful. You are in my prayers that that you will soon have a cure for your illness and that until then God give you strength to be a mommy to three and a wife!