Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday night fun

I think I am so determined to lead a normal life in the midst of all this health junk and I am so anxious about everything, I try to stay busy doing really fun stuff to take my mind off of how awful I feel. So, tonight we hit playgrounds, the airport and Krispy Kreme.
Jennie- It is the shirt you bought him for Christmas!!
I always get nervous when he wears it if he is bratty or does something not so nice.

Tim is a nut.

why do kids not get motion-sickness? I would be puking.

Lake is going up for his first slide experience!
Click on this and look at how cute his face is and how he is holding on to Tim.

Um... wait a minute...
I told you Tim was a nut.

I think Bubba should have been born attached to monkey bars.
He is our monkey without a tail.
Bald and beautiful.
Tim thinks he looks like mini-me because his big bald head. Not mini-me. The real mini-me from the movie. None of my kids look like me. After all that work!!!

Cute car pictures of Bubba...

Krispy Kreme! Yahoo!

They had green-iced doughnuts to celebrate their anniversary.
These will make interesting toilets soon.

Lovin' every bite!

I love these shots...

Tim had chocolate, custard-filled. mmmm

I just had chocolate covered.
(Is my neck really that long?)

To the airport.We go here all the time and we just watch airplanes come and go.
It is better than Disney for the boys. It is so boring but they love it.

Looking, Looking,

(what a sweet little guy)

(that is doughnut all over their faces)

potty break
and then
Checking out the parked plane. Still waiting...
THERE'S ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is kind of like fishing.
You just spend a lot of time waiting for a few seconds of sheer bliss.

The sky on our way home.

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