Sunday, July 1, 2007


It is time for a new word, bloggers! A Mullet-ectomy is the surgery to remove the hair from the back of your baby's head. All of Lake's hair fell out except for the fu-manchu on the lower/back section of his head. We chose to intervene because he is entirely too cute to have this sort of set back. Here are pictures of this delicate procedure... Lake's face is really cute if you click on these and make them larger.
Notice the removed "chu" on his back.
Don't worry- that is an electric razor. It can't hurt him.

The three boys.

You can tell Lake is slightly frightened. I would be too.

Reece really wanted us to take a picture of his new truck.


Anonymous said...

Those are three of the four most beautiful boys (mine little guy of couse is the fourth!). Too precious! Looks like Lake enjoyed his first haircut much more than my Will weathered his!

Anonymous said...

Oops - I meant MY little guy! What yucky grammer! That is what counting too many pills today has done to me!