Sunday, September 30, 2007

an amphibious what?

Saturday we enjoyed Chattanooga downtown as a family. If you haven't been downtown Chattanooga lately, you definitely should. There is tons to do for kids and lots of beautiful scenery. This is at the riverfront.

Daddy- who are you talking to? We just want you to stop talking on the phone!
Just kidding- I think it was for me.
Here it comes...
The Chattanooga Duck!
The Duck gave us a tour of downtown and then into the water we went. It is an old army vehicle that goes on land and water. The boys were impressed.
They even got to drive!!

Back at the house- aren't they handsome?
They all have blue eyes.
I am the only one who doesn't have them.

Daddy- stop talking on the phone and play with us!

My pumpkin is growing up AND CRAWLING at 6 months!

He is so cute I can hardly stand not to kiss those cheeks off!


The Pumphrey's said...

You really have the most beautiful family ever! I LOVE Chattanooga!! I am so glad your family gets to enjoy all the fun things to do there!

Brian, Jennie, Carlisle and Evelyn said...

Who does Lake look like?
Is it YOU?? I can't be sure from the photos.