Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Parade of our dreams

Ok, our doorbell rang this morning at 7:45 AM with a guy telling us they were going to be repaving our street. Then the parade of large construction vehicles began. These guys thought they won the dump truck/ steam roller grand prize.

Bubba got this chair out of our garage.

Do you see anything humorous in the picture below?
some kids are natural-born dare-devils.
I am sure we will be VIPs at the emergency room.
Pray for me.
Not a dare-devil. Thank goodness.

Update on our addition. It has a roof now. Hopefully, only 3 more weeks.
I will keep taking pictures.


Brian, Jennie, Carlisle and Evelyn said...

Love it Honey! We live at complete ENDS of the spectrum. I get hair get dump trucks. : )
Love you sweet friend!

Todd & Diana Simpson said...

what a fun day for them... how did you keep them off the street?