Sunday, September 2, 2007

Why I hardly blog anymore...

I have been working hard at my website and painting frames to get ready for launching this little frame business. I could NEVER do this without my incredibly talented and supportive friends, Rich Smith and Diana Simpson. Diana took some pictures for me last Friday and Rich took some on Saturday. I haven't seen them yet but know they are going to be out-of-this-world. I hope to have the website up soon with a way for people to order. I also have a store in Chattanooga (Charlotte's Web) that will be selling them! I am so excited.

Check out this fun frame. I think it is my favorite so far but I think that a lot.

This is my sweet friend's baby (photograph by Rich).

Always feel free to click on them to see them bigger.

Here is Rich in action.

Here is another one that I think is my favorite... :)
Photo provided by Diana.

No wait, this one is my favorite!!

Photo provided by one really hot guy named Tim- or daddy.
Thank you for your support and for bearing with me through this little adventure.
I promise to not post many more frame pictures on my blog.

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