Monday, November 5, 2007

Jack and Hannah

My parents came to visit and brought two of my sister's kids.... Jack and Hannah. My boys love their cousins so much. We just wished we lived closer.
Jack is 100% fun.
I was dumb enough to take them all to ride a 3 1/2 hour train ride with mom and dad.
Bubba and Jack...

This is me begging them to be good on the train ride.

Bubba was a wild lunatic the whole time.

Dad acted like he didn't know us most of the time.
I think Mom has a broken finger and a broken foot after the ride.
She acted like they were foster children that we were trying to help.
This is on the school bus to get to the train loading.
Most of the people on the train ride were in their 80s or 90s.
One old man shuffled by and said hi to Jack.
Jack said,
"You have orange teeth."
Mom and I almost passed out.

AAAUGHHHHH! Help, let us off this train!

People thought they were triplets.

Views of the Hiwassee from the train ride.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Tim was keeping Lake.

He is so cute and all over the place.

Check out those thighs!
Until the next time, Jack! We love you!

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Rachel said...

What great fun! Your niece looks just like a Kilday!!! What are you feeding Lake!? ;)