Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It is almost finished!

You can click on them and get a closer look.

I love our new back deck thing! It is so perfect for us. It has taken FOREVER but it will be worth it as much as our family is outside. Four months of no back yard or garage has not been easy.

We still have to finish the "kitchen" part for Tim's grill and get our fire pit but not too much longer!

Liza, I think you would be proud of us since we designed it without knowing what were doing.

You all need to come over for dinner back there because it is really cozy when you close the panel curtains and light candles!


Diana Simpson said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! i expect a grilling invitation :)

Lori said...

Steph it looks great!!!
I, too, want an invite.
You really have developed those design skills through the years!
Way to go Steph.

Ali, Halle and Belle said...

Most amazing thing I have ever seen!! Does it never rain? Wish I could see it up close. It's so pretty!

heather said...

Yay! It looks awesome! We can't wait to come over for steaks :)

Better yet, you need to have a "deck warming" party and we can bring the food!