Thursday, January 24, 2008

Friends, Flu, Freezing and Fighting...

I know this looks like me but it isn't! It is my friend, Julie, with her baby Foster.
He is only a little over a month old and she is already on a road trip!
He is so cute and she is a natural mom. Reece has a foot fetish and loves to mess with people's feet when they come visit.

Lake is totally growing up. He is walking everywhere at 10 months and has no idea that he is the baby brother. He plays with Reece and Bubba like he is their same size.
Those are Tim's perfect push-up things that he has started using.
The boys think they are a new toy.

It has been so cold outside that we have been inside for quite a while. We have had crazy sicknesses, Lake got tubes and I am just thankful to have survived these last weeks.
Pirates are everywhere in our house. I am usually "Wendy" from Peter Pan and Lake is "Tinkerbell or Michael" (the baby). He does already know how to sword fight though.

I am telling you... he has no idea how little he is.
He is so much fun.

Sweet Reece...

Everything is a weapon. Even a golf club in the back yard.
You are really never safe...

I think Bubba is pretty. :)
Captain Hook (Daddy) is a total hunk.

They play hard and sleep hard from 6 pm- 7 am.
That is God's gift to me to be able to keep up with 3 boys that are so full of life.
We are so blessed.


Diana Simpson said...

a day in the life of steph..... wow you are blessed!

Nicole said...

Please tell me how in the world you get them to bed so early!!! Last night Jett and Rylee wouldn't go to sleep until 11:45 and they get up at 5:30am!!! HELP!!!

Lori said...

I am soooo jealous!! Gracie NEVER goes to sleep that early. They are all just beautiful, Steph.