Monday, February 25, 2008

Blowing my testimony at Upward Basketball...

So, last week I really embarassed myself at Reece's Upward Basketball game. Reece is usually picking his nose or chasing butterflies so out of my mouth bellows this voice, "REECE, GET THE BALL!!!!". So, to my suprise and embarassment, he did. He ran straight up to LuLu and grabbed the ball out of her hand... with a growl. Tim and I were shocked. The coach handed the ball back to LuLu with an annoyed look on his face. I had done it. I was THAT mom who yells insane things from the stands! My armpits started sweating and I had to apologize to the coach. I am learning to temper my excitement now and just have a gentle and quiet spirit (at least while he is in upward).
Inside, I will always be yelling during the game.

Amazing similarities we just discovered.

See if you see the phenomenal likeness of these two...

Exhibit AExhibit B

Mom came this week!
I get as excited or more when he scores.
I want to be more like him. He can't speak English.
He has no idea what is going on but he is so glad to be there.

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Nicole said...

It is hard to contain yourself even as shy as I am but put me in the stands at one of my boy's ballgames and I turn into THAT MOM too! Oh well...