Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun weekend full of great friends!

Tim loves golf this much too but I have never seen him express his love this way.
Reece used to do that.
I have the same picture from 4 years ago.
We got to have dinner with some of our closest friends Friday night! I am leaving most names out of this for privacy.
Everyone that knows this family would call them "some of their closest friends". They set the bar high for loving people and raising godly kids. We are so blessed to know them! We had a great time!! I wish I had gotten a group shot. I didn't get any good grown-up pictures.
Not only is my husband hot, he cooks.
He is cooking chocolate lava cakes for dessert!
2 very YUMMY things...

Reece is now in Upward Basketball.
I am so proud of him.
He could not even dribble two times 2 weeks ago.
So off we go to support him ever week.

Very proud of his big brother.
That is a close-up curl shot.

HELLO! Can you say "Jordan"?

Reece is 4 and the youngest on the team. That is why he looks little. They are 4-6.

Reece chases butterflies most of the time.

He mostly thinks about the snack bar.
This is during a drive by the opposite team.

I guess he is guarding the goal? Good strategy.Nice work.
scratching his arm...
really needing to go to the concession stand for some powerade.
Dad, c'mon-please!! They have cheetos!

They get stars in upward every game.

It is a wonderful program.
This cutie is an African refugee that doesn't even speak English.

He is so cute and always laughing. He definitely makes me think about adoption.

The much anticipated half-time show.

A lot of similarities to a Globe Trotter.

After the game, our friends came over to our house for

burgers and a friendly (?) game of dodge ball.

Take heed, C.T...
Pride comes before a fall.

They are so fun to hang out with!

My favorite picture!! (hee hee)

Nice shot, Reece!YES!!
Bubba took Tim's hat off so he had a "do".

Lake and I just tried to stay out of harm's way.
All of our babies have thought this is so funny when Tim acts like they kick him in the face...

Action shot...

Finally, our good friends came over unexpectedly and we had some good laughs!

She bought him some new "metro" shoes and he is getting used to the idea.
I love them!
You look great, Randy.
Stylin' and profilin'!

Tim says I dress him like Mr. Potato Head with accessories.
I just love to buy him cool shoes.
It has taken 6 years of marriage for him to actually keep what I buy him.
He may even actually wear something on occasion.

Kathy, we will just keep bringing cool stuff home and wear these hubbies down until they give in.

We love you guys!

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