Monday, March 10, 2008

How much can you fit into 3 days?

Not much more than we did last weekend. Lake had a sweet birthday party at mom's and we had a great time in New York. I have tons of pictures but, for some reason, blogger won't let me upload more than one at a time. So, I am going to try again later. I uploaded my favorite picture from a cupcake shop in New York. I love this picture!! It makes me feel like I am still there. My favorite part of the picture is Tim's wedding band! It takes me to my happy, warm and fuzzy place :). He actually is warm and fuzzy.
The flights did not make me feel warm and fuzzy. They were all scary with turbulance. I pulled the hair out of Tim's leg because I was so scared. It was extremely windy and foggy. And everyone on the plane was sick. I set right next to "Flu Man". Needless to say, I have a cold. I hope that is all I got. If I could have pulled open the emergency door and jumped out of the plane, I would have! It was like being forced to face my biggest phobia in order to get rid of it by sticking me (such a germaphobe) in a plane during sick season. It didn't work. Not to mention that all of the airline stewardesses were in bad moods and mean. What is up with that? I am sure there are some nice ones out there but I haven't met too many. I always feel like I am in 2nd grade and in trouble as soon as I get on the plane. And then after they have been so moody and anal during the flight, they say "Bye Bye, now" with this sweet smile on the way out??
We also DROVE our rental car in New York City like we had any idea what we were doing. The good part about driving in New York City is that the worse you drive, the more you fit in. We didn't get to see a play because we got there too late. We just ate... and ate... and ate at every little restaurant that looked yummy. We started off with sushi (the best I have ever had) then Tim had a steak and I had salmon... and then we went to an Irish Pub just because it looked fun... and then to Crumbs (the cupcake place) where Tim had a carrot cupcake and I had a buttercream cupcake with chocolate icing. I was so full. Now we are home and back to normal life. I wish I could upload my pictures!! I will try again.

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