Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rainy Days and Ten Pounds Later...

This weekend was rainy with very yucky weather. But I actually loved it because we all got to stay at home and do nothing except be together... and eat. I love it when Tim can't get away from me to go jogging or golfing. I don't think he loves it as much.
Here is a picture of how gloomy it was...I had to take a picture of my neighbor's new waterfall! Isn't it great? They just did it.
It is wonderful from our back deck...very relaxing.

I lit candles and decided to try out the cinnamon roll recipe...

Um, can you say "pre-cellulite" and " deliciousness"????

They were a huge hit. We didn't eat them all. We could have but I decided to get my neighbor's fat too so I didn't feel so guilty.

Just kidding neighbors! I love taking stuff to them because I am the incessant borrower of eggs and random things I need at the last minute for a recipe. I could never repay my neighbors for all that I have gotten from them.
Speaking of... I have to tell you about one time when we borrowed something from our neighbor.
I was making a chocolate cake a couple of weeks ago. It was night time. I called my neighbor, Becca and said, "Do you have any powdered sugar?". She, as always, said "Sure!". So I said, "Great! I will send Tim right over".
I told Tim to go get it and he came back a few minutes later with powdered sugar. I finished my cake and the phone rang. It was Becca. She said, " I was just wondering if you were coming. I was starting to worry". I said, "Tim already came and got it". She said, "He didn't come here".
My face got hot and red and I said, "Tim, where did you go to get this?". He said, "Ralph and Cindy's". He had gone to the wrong house!!!
So I immediately had to call Cindy and apologize that Tim just showed up on their doorstep at night saying, "I am here to get your powdered sugar". I think it is so cute they gave it to him and closed the door and probably thought, "huh?".

Movies, movies, how would I blog without movies? or shower?

We got to go to a fun birthday party for Reece and Evan's friend, Preston. It was at the gymnastics place so it was perfect to get some of the boys' energy out. This is Tami, Preston's mom with her younger baby, Hudson.

Hudson and Lake crack me up.

They love seeing someone their same size.

The pit. Who doesn't love a good sweaty pit??

Lake is a begger. It is kind of pitiful.

David and Hudson.
Some attendees.

Can you tell my kids get tired of me taking their picture?

It is rare to get a real smile anymore.

Most have to be candid. I don't know how much blogging I will be able to do over the next couple of weeks. I need to be packing and getting ready for our trip this week and then we will be at Disney the next week. I probably will find the time because I am the world's worst procrastinator and seem to do anything but what I should be doing.

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The Osborne Family said...

Okay,I am totally holding my breath as not to wake up my kids hysterically laughing about Tim going to the wrong house! That is totally something Jeremy would do!