Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Church of Oprah?

I just watched this youtube video about some of Oprah's beliefs. I am not an Oprah fan because of her new age ideas that she tries to twist Christianity into.
I think there are some good clips of her in this. It is kind of dramatic and cheezy. Get past the first few seconds and listen to what she says about her beliefs. Please let me know what you think of what she says in light of what the Bible teaches.
Can Christians believe both?


The Osborne Family said...

Honestly, I have always thought that Oprah is VERY, sadly confused about God. She wants so much to find the truth---but is so mixed up. I have stayed away from all the shows having to do with this new book, etc. because it upsets me so much that she reaches so many viewers and gives them such tainted, loopy spiritual falsehoods. She needs to discover the "relationship" not religion of knowing Jesus. She tries to do so much good for others. How sad it is that she has truly missed the big picture. How amazing it would be for her to influence the world for Christ instead of leading so many into this new age mess. I REALLY feel so sorry for her.

April said...

The very sad thing is over half of the people (mostly women) in our churches watch her five days a week and trust her. The end of the video was right on! Turn the T.V. off and pray.

Sorry to hear you are sick! Do you need me to bring you some chicken soup?? :)

The Pumphrey's said...

My friend from high school always used to say that Oprah is the antiChrist - I don't know about that but she really makes me frustrated for the same reason - I agree with sad she couldn't use her popularity to win people for Christ instead of leading them to confusion. I think the worst part to me was reading the comments that had been written on many lost people that think they're "open minded" - especially the one that talked about "If He is a loving God why would He condemn some to Hell" - but God doesn't...he gives us a choice, offers us THE way and WE are the ones who are close minded and turn away.