Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I was so nervous for Jason Castro!

Just know that I am completly biased from this point out. I, of course, liked Jason. It wasn't my favorite song of his but I liked it. I would for sure go to his luau! I was so nervous during the 2 seconds before Simon said whether he liked it or not. Randy doesn't like Jason. I saw him say he wouldn't give him a record deal on Larry King Live. NOT COOL.
David Cook was sweet. I liked his song. That was his sick brother in the audience who is dying of brain cancer and had to have nurses with him to be there. That makes me very sad for him. I think he is the only one that might be able to beat David Archuleta. There are too many texting-teeny-boppers that love David Archuleta. So, I guess I will just keep uploading Jason Castro and jogging to it. I cannot wait until his cd comes out.

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