Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Showers (kill mommy's flowers)

Who knew it could snow here in April?
and isn't it SO fun to catch snow in your mouth?!?!


Anonymous said...

hey, since you hate snakes and the kids love snow, maybe we could find a 4 bed 3 bath igloo somewhere... great pics hottie, run away with me ;) Yours

Stephanie said...

Igloo with you sounds good... except for the Polar Bears.

amanda said...

I LOVE you let your boys dance in the snow. What a GREAT mom you are. Keep up the good work friend :)

Carrie said...

Maybe the snakes will go back into hibernation!

These are so sweet! We also woke up to small snow flurries and cold temps, but there is at least beautiful sunshine now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie. I love reading your blog. I too "dislike more than anything in the world" S*****. I hate (oops sorry), I dislike them sooo bad, I can't even spell or say their name. I have very naught nickname for them. I live in Iowa, and in the summer, we see alot of "small harmless ones" in our yard. As soon as I see one, I run the other direction and I find my husband and make him kill it. He knows not to tell me, when he finds one and destroys it. Ohhh... it was so hard to even read your blog today.. YUCK. But, I must say, mothballs!! I buy them by the ton (sort of), and I sprinkle them all around my house and yard. Looks like a giant hail storm hit my yard in the summer. Keep up the mothballs and learn to love the smell.
Ok, I have 1 question for you. Do you always dress the boys in matching clothes?? They are so darn cute like that. Love it.

Stephanie, I wish you well and I wish you health. I will pray for you that God will heal you and you will find a cure for your pain.

God bless you Stephanie and keep writing your blog.

Angel Walker

Stephanie said...

Your fun. No, the boys don't always dress alike. Mostly just for pictures and Church.
Tim and the boys don't love it nearly as much as I do!!
I will do it as long as they let me.