Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's Play Ball!

I am having the time of my life watching my boys play baseball. I loved softball. Tim loved baseball. Reece seems to have some natural ability and Bubba seems to have some good luck.

I am PSYCHO-MOM on the field when they get hits. I go nuts screaming and yelling and (WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!Run baby RUN!). I think it may scare some people but I cannot help it. I am their forever cheerleader.

Don't tell anybody but I am sleeping with one of the coaches. He is so hot.

I had no idea but Reece and Bubba were sick during the game! On the way home, Reece said, "momma, I kind of wanted to quit while I was playing baseball." I said, "why honey?". He said, "I couldn't quit coughing."
When we got home, he was shaking and shivering with a 103.3 temp. I HAD NO IDEA. Bubba has a fever too. I knew there was something not right with him because he was not himself either. Sweet babies!
Looking at this picture, I can see his eyes look sick.
If you have read my blog for a while, you might remember "the sick boy bed".
It is a cot that they get to sleep on in our room when they are sick. I got it at a garage sale. It is a BIG deal to get to sleep in "the sick boy bed". It is causing a small problem though because I can't separate the guys-- so they are both in our room now. Bubba kept saying, "I am so worried about you, Reece. I love you." I feel like they are twins, they are so close.
I hope this bug is nothing more than a quick virus.

Health update:
Tim's arm... not supposed to be using it. ;)Don't show this post to the Orthopedic Dr. If the next x-ray doesn't show healing, then it is surgery. We are 14 weeks out from when he fell through the attic (still have a big hole in the boy's ceiling). He says pitching doesn't hurt it. The boys get 3 pitches and if they miss, get 2 tries from the tee.
Me- 1 MILLION times better than last week. My body needed a break. Thank you if you prayed for me. My friends prayed for me here on Monday night when we had Prayer on the Porch. What a gift prayer is.
I am back on the medicine so who knows what will happen next. But, today, I am so thankful. It is amazing how your capacity to experience joy is so much greater after suffering. I love being able to go to baseball games, throw ball with the boys in the back yard, live life. I even hit a ball over the fence at their little field. The boys think I am really cool... If God heals me completely,
watch out world!!!
Lake- allergies are not good. circles around his eyes, eczema taking over and DRIVING ME CRAZY. But, I am still figuring out what all has egg in it and I think I miss it sometimes. He has also decided that he is very picky now that he is 2 so that is making it even more challenging.
I love baseball games.
What a cool life God has given me.


Kim said...

You are too funny. LOVE your posts. Congratulations on hooking up with the hot coach. :0) Will be praying for the arm, allergies, your health, and the high temps. Wooh! That about covers it. :0) Thanks for being it!

Kim P.

Conor and Koren said...

Oh my word! These are so cute!!! I really wish Gavin could be in baseball. Those are the kinds of things I miss. Conor has been teaching him how to play since he could first swing. He has fun playing with us, but I know he'd love playing with all those boys! I think it will be a while before baseball really takes off here. Oh, I can't wait to meet those little guys! I am so glad you're feeling better. We added you to our church prayer list again this month, we'll be praying! Love you!

Andrew and Carter's Mom said...

Love the new pictures, so cute! No girl can resist a boy in a baseball uniform! Sorry we didn't get to stay long yesterday, Andrew asked for Reece and Bubba the rest of the night! Hope they're feeling better soon.

Faye said...


kelly said...

Steph, So thankful you are doing better! Poor babies, I will pray the Lord heals them quickly, and for Tim's arm too!! Keep on cheering for your boys! My boys playing sports has been one of the biggest joys in our home! I have one playing in college, and I cheer as loud as I did when he was little....I'm so thankful to hear you are my sister in that department also!!!
Go Steph Go!!!

Erin Southwell said...

SO GLAD you are feeling better!!!!! You are still in my prayers. These pics remind me of some I took last year when Adam played T-ball, I am going to email you some photos, you're one of the only ones who knows how much I love and miss him every moment of every day. Xoxo, Erin

Nicole said...

Baseball is my favorite sport!!! Both my boys play so I can totally relate. All three of my kids have allergies (and asthma) so can relate there too. Davis had allergies to eggs as a baby but outgrew it luckily. Both Davis and Jett have pretty moderate ezcema and it does drive me batty. Davis' has improved as he has gotten older but Jett's is getting to where we are going to have to go to either the doctor or dermatologist. UGH!!! These kids need to come with instruction manuals don't they?!?! =) So glad you are feeling better! You have so much to live for!!! Oh and I have to make that orthodontist consult that I have been procrastinating about so I will keep you and Tim informed about that one...think I am still in denial...the hygenist last week thought Davis was 7 yrs old because he has only lost SIX baby teeth!!!! Jeez!! Hey but that's less permanent cavities to get right???

Amanda May said...

I love all the fun pictures!! Your boys are SO cute. And your "coach" comment made me it! :)
Both my kids have peanut allergies, along with some not-as-severe seasonal/animal I feel your pain.
Your blog is a blessing to me...and I'm still praying for you!!