Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eating Fossils

Another fun day in school!! Ya'll, I am having the time of my life. I hope I am not getting on your nerves with cheezy homeschool posts. Tim (the principal) gets to come to school on Fridays because he is off work. We read about dinosaurs and had to figure out how to explain to the boys what a fossil is. I am not sure if they understood anything, but we had fun. We didn't know what to use as a visual since I banned play-doh from our house a couple years ago... due to massive mess.
We resorted to cookie dough.

Tim's dinosaur was pretty good. ;)

We are going to cook them and then take them apart and put their fossils back together.

That is my dinasour/spider thing. Not to be prideful, but I think mine is the best even if nothing like that ever existed. What could be scarier than a dinosaur spider?

we also did a tray of cookies representing things we are thankful for...
Lake is thankful for... well, um... Lake.

That is him with his passy.

Reece is thankful for his scooter.

This is his artwork...Bubba is always thankful for flowers. I helped him with his flower.
My superb rock monster-spider thing.
I told you my kitchen is NEVER spotless.

** That is a dinosaur book from the creationist viewpoint (it's really for older kids)

and if you want the cookie dough recipe, let me know.


AG said...

Too Cool!!!
Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! We also used a book checked out from the library called Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Dinosaurs by Kathy Ross. Great ideas like taking macaroni and pressing it into a mixture of potting soil and Elmer's glue. You might also go the the Creative Discovery Museum and let them dig up the bones there. You could also try Hands On by Oriental Trading and they have little kits where they can use brushes to unearth a dinosaur skeleton. If you are still on this topic. Wendy