Friday, October 3, 2008

25 things that make me happy.

1. Being Tim's wife.
2. Being called "Bubba's mommy" when greeted.
3. Hearing Lake run across my hardwood floors.
4. Teaching Reece how to read.
5. Homeschooling in pajamas.
6. Listening to the boys pray every morning before school.
7. Worshipping with them on the floor to You Alone are Father, You alone are good....
8. Going to Dollywood when no one is there and being able to just stay on the rides over and over and over because there are no lines. (we just got back yesterday- I forgot my memory card for the camera so no pictures!! :( )
9. Riding the River Rampage with Reece and Bubba while we scream... and laugh... and get drenched.
10. Drinking hot chocolate to get warm because we are frozen after the ride.
11. Benjamin Amick (he will make you happy too if you click here... Pray for him today. He is having open-heart surgery.
12. A clean house (once a year for 5 minutes).
13. That God has separated me from my sins as far as the east is from the west. Psalm 103:12
14. Fall weather and seeing the first two changed trees from the top of the Ferris Wheel.
15. Watching the boys while they sleep
16. Watching my mom ride rides at Dollywood with the boys and seeing her laugh.
17. Hearing the boys say scripture.
18. When Lake lets me rock him to sleep.
19. Hearing from moms who read my blog and tell me about their families.
20. Watching the boys greet the trash man every Friday morning.
21. Going on dates with Tim.
22. A new outfit.
23. Redecorating.
24. A beautifully wrapped package.


Anonymous said...

Dan and I are going to come this winter. Two of my closest friends from college just moved back to Chattanooga and Dan still hasn't met you and your boys! (that includes Tim!:))
I love reading your blog and have shared it with several women that I work with.
God has given you a gift of sharing with your words!

maryanne420 said...

i love your list! we have a lot of things in common, according to your list, my friend!

The Sandefurs said...

Since #19 is on your list, then I will comment for the first time. We go to church with Eddie and Trinity, and that is how I happened upon your blogsite. I love the pics of your beautiful boys!

Your blog is also how I have formed an emotional and spiritual connection to Isaac's mommy, who lives states away and whom I have never met, but pray for often. My heart aches for her as a fellow mom; thank you for sharing her story.

Nice to "meet" you! :)