Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things that make me HAPPY!

1. Tim
I still get butterflies when he comes home from work. I love holding his hand. I love going on dates with him... even if it is a date at home when the boys are in bed. He is God's constant reminder to me of His love for me. I still (after 8 years) cannot believe that God gave me Tim as a husband. I prayed and prayed for God to give me a godly husband but never dreamed marriage could be this amazing.
I am just thankful Tim still wants to be married to me after "the delivery room experience".
(When I was ripping his shirt off and screaming, "HELP ME!!!" in a Poltergeist-kind-of-way.
Who was that girl??)
2 more fun facts you might like to know about the delivery that I have remembered since writing about it...
1. The first thing that I asked the Doctor when he walked in 10 minutes after Hope was born was, "Do you still get paid for that?".
I think Tim and my doula should get a huge cut.
2. When I was in the room later that night, I was so traumatized by the ring of fire that when the air conditioner/ heater thing would click on, it would scare me so bad that I would jump out of my skin and practically be stuck to the ceiling like a cat. I think I thought a contraction was coming to get me.
That is how on edge I was.
I wondered if I would leave with an eye twitch.
It is funny to think about now.
I cannot believe how much of an impression 15 minutes left on me.

2. Having a Birthday Party when it is no one's birthday.
It is so fun to be married to someone who can do everything. Like decorate a Mickey Mouse Cake.
We had a practice run with the cake for Lake's upcoming party. I had this idea for a cake but didn't know if it would work. Next time the ears will be black and it will be perfect!

Tim's parents have been here who we rarely see so we celebrated his birthday with them. He loves Mickey Mouse.

3. Sisterly Love
I was throwing away school work the other day and found this on the back of Reece's paper. I assumed Reece wrote it but later found out it was Bubba. I saved it.

4. Dressing my Baby Girl in all her fun clothes

Titus 2:13 is the verse that inspired her name and it would also become the date of her birthday. This shirt was a sweet gift from a friend.
"... Blessed Hope–
the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ."
Hope Elizabeth
(A lady at my mom's school saw this picture and thought her name was Titus :)

5. A determined child who
is not willing to give up easily
Perseverance: doggedness; persistent determination

6. Sincere Brotherly Love
(Visible Proof of God to the World)
"No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us."
1 John 4:16

7. Her Perfect Rosebud Lips

and her eyelashes.

8. Waiting so long to potty-train a child that he teaches himself.

9. Watching Her Sleep

10. Losing 25 pounds in a week and a half
while eating everything in site
because I am so hungry from nursing.

11. Watching my children learn things for the very first time in homeschool and cheering for them.
Reece learned how to do division today.
12. Sun shining through my bedroom windows.
13. Being able to take a nap because Tim's mom and dad are here.
14. Waking up to my baby girl.
15. Hearing Tim making coffee in the mornings.
I don't even like coffee but I like to smell it because it reminds me of him.
**If you want to post 15 things that make you happy on your blog,
post a comment with your link so I can look at it!
God Bless!


jord,ali,hal,kam and grae too! said...

she is precious!!!!

Krista said...

Congrats on your beautiful daughter Hope. What a miracle. Girls are wonderful. I have 3 of them, 1 in heaven and 2 on earth. Love this post. I did something like this last month. Here's my link.

Krista said...

oops. Forgot the link.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved reading your list.....Loved looking at your pictures and love how in love you are with your family and life.. I think
I may do a list much to love and be thankful for this week.

Julie said...

Beautiful list, Steph!! What a great idea. Love all the pictures!!! (hugs)