Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Most of you know by now that Lake is in the hospital by my updates on facebook but we need prayer. He came by ambulance yesterday because his oxygen levels were so low, he was throwing up bile, having shortness of breath and limp. The pediatrician sent us immediately to the ER. I knew he was sick but I didn't know he was this sick. They are diagnosing it as a severe asthma attack. They are still doing x-rays and have brought in a pediatric pulmonologist to do more investigating. Please pray. This has been a real nightmare. My mom is here taking care of Hope (she is up all night long and that is so hard), we have sitters for the boys and I have not left Lake's side. There is nothing more traumatic than holding your lifeless child whose lips are blue and crying out to God for salvation. I was singing Lake's favorite song over him while the tears poured (What a Mighty God We Serve). They couldn't get IVs going because he was so dehydrated. It was TERRIBLE- blew 2 veins. I watched tears come out of his eyes. But then one of the nurses started singing with me. That was a memory I will never forget. When I felt so alone (Tim wasn't there yet bc it happened so fast and we had to get childcare for our other 3), God was with me and used another believer to bring me so much comfort.
I am laying in the hospital bed with him now. I haven't left except to pump breast milk to send home to baby. I watched him all night and kept putting his oxygen by his mouth. God is having to be my strength because I have none of my own.
Please pray for God to heal Lake of his allergies and now... asthma. :(
Just wanted to encourage you that GOD DOES HEAL. Remember Christi Engels from the video?
I received this email today-
"I write to you with immense joy to share with you some extraordinary news! Christi went in today for her awaited scan to see where things were after her treatment. Many of you know that when Christi was told the cancer was found in her brain and lungs she was given 3 months to a year to live. She had walked away with a death sentence based upon what was seen. So Ken and Christi began lean on the Lord and trust him. And He built up their faith to believe for the unseen.

Her MRI showed truly dramatic results...there was hardly anything detectable in her brain at all. Dr. Rawlings who admittedly does not look at MRI film all the time said, it looked like a completely normal brain!

The lung scan proved to be just as amazing... showing that the tumors that they were so concerned about have all dramatically reduced in size and the tumors that were most dangerous not only shrunk considerably but also are puckered in shape (meaning that it is possible that the tumors are in fact disolving)!

There were other spots on her chest wall that are also nearly undetectable! I cannot express in words how encouraged we all are! How in awe we are! How are hearts are absolutely filled with joy overflowing!

We are watching the hand of God at work! I had to let you know that your prayers to the living God have been heard.
They have been and are being answered and we are rejoicing!!!!

Where do they go from here? They are going to keep on believing and we all can keep on believing with them that the Lord will accomplish all that He has set forth to do on their behalf.... and ours!

For I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ,
Philippians 1:19 (God gave this verse to kenny today before the amazing results of the day!)"
I had just started writing a post about how I believe God has supernaturally healed me too when Lake got sick. Hope to finish that... one day. But, be very confident that God still moves in MIRACULOUS ways. Praise His Glorious Name.
Please pray for our family (most of all Lake) during this very difficult time.
Will be updating on facebook.


Sherree said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Erica Brandon said...

What a Mighty God we serve...the news of your friend gave me cold chills...He is still on the throne! Praise God!! Still praying for Lake!!

The Drama Mama said...

OH NO! I am on my knees, Steph for Lake and ALL of you involved (Tim, brothers, sister, babysitters, etc!!). Keep us posted when you can and know that I am storming the gates of heaven on your behalf! Sweeeeet Lake! Love, Prayers & HUGS!!!

Meghan said...

Praying, praying, praying!

House Queen said...

Most definitely praying for sweet Lake...

Erin Southwell said...

My heart is breaking for Lake but believing God for miraculous healing. Your life and your children are a ministry steph. We are praying!!!!

Beth said...

Praying for Lake and your family. That is such great news about your friend, Christi! Praise God!

jmason said...

Definitely praying...((hugs))

jord,ali,hal,kam and grae too! said...

Our hearts are wrapped around all of you.

Sherrie said...

Keeping Lake and all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

AG said...

On my knees for Lake!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog lately, found it through a friends and as sad as I am to say. My daughter faces them exact same thing as lake does. It's not fun and being a nurse helps alittle. but it wasn't until two years ago, I found my passion working with asthmatics and people who are affected by allergies. www.familyallergy.com, check us out it's not close to you I'm sure, but there is alot of great info online. I'm praying for Lake and your family and hope that he gets better soon. I know your pain, your feeling and your cry for God. Praying he feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

oh Steph, my heart breaks because mama's hearts do when they hear about other mamas going through such a hard thing! I am praying for you, Lake, everyone right here, right now.

amazing about your friend ~ PRAISE GOD. Yes, He does heal! ! !


Becky said...

Oh my gosh - I just read this post and am going to start praying immediately. Glad to see the more recent post that you are home, but hope you NEVER have to go through something like that again! I can't even imagine!

Health (of ourselves and our loved ones) is one of those blessings we so often take for granted until something happens. I know each day of health in our family is a blessing and that tomorrow is promised to no one.

Take care of yourself and your precious little ones!