Sunday, April 22, 2012


A Celebration of LIFE and FAMILY!
A trip to Dollywood after a very long season of trial.

 Lake is so gentle with her. She has NO IDEA how amazing her brothers are yet. She will. He was playing with her pigtail.
 Crew did great! He loved all the excitement. He is definitely my most fair-skinned baby. We think he is a strawberry blonde. I could just eat him up!

 Find the pigtails...
 All of us in one picture... a modern miracle.

 The perks of having a GIRL. SHOES!!!!!!!!!
 My mom doesn't age. 

 My not-so-scary snake.
 Hope got soaked. Loved it.

 Love this one I took of mom and Hope when they didn't know it. 
Such a true, natural shot.

 Dude, HE IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great photos and wonderful memories! So happy to see your family having fun for a change! Your mother is beautiful - love the photo of her holding Hope! I feel awkward saying another woman's husband is "hot", so I'll just say "Tim, is a cutie and so sweet with his family"!

- Teresa

jmason said...

How fun! I'm happy to see that everyone is on the mend!

Side note, what bible do you recommend for 8 year old boys? My son LOVES his beginner's bible but has asked for a new bible for his 8th birthday. Thanks :)